Glendora Rotary Focometer Project

Glendora Rotary has been involved in the Focometer project since 2001. Discovered at the 2001 Rotary International Convention, the Focometer is a hand-help auto-refractor designed for use in disadvantaged locations to measure refractive errors in children and adults. It requires no electricity, and has validity and reliability research that deems it as effective as professional equipment when operated by properly trained lay-persons. The Focometer was developed by Dr. Ian Berger, who received a grant from RI to field test the Focometer. For his work, R. Berger was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow by RD. Glendora Rotary has sent 9 members to the University of Houston School of Optometry to Train to use the equipment. Those members have then trained many more members of the club to do all work involved with the Focometer, other than the use of the Focometer itself. We partnered with the Agua Caliente Rotary Club of Tijuana in 2004, and have successfully completed 12visits to Tijuana; screened approximately 1500 children; and fitted approximately 400 of them with prescription eyeglasses. Additionally, we offer sunglasses and reading glasses to needy adults.

Instructional Video in English & Spanish