Mini-Grants for Teachers

2021/22 Glendora Rotary
Mini-Grants for Teachers

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The Rotary Club of Glendora awarded their 2022 Glendora Rotary “Mini-Grants For Teachers” awards to deserving Glendora and Charter Oak Unified School Teachers.

Glendora Rotary’s sponsorship of “Mini-Grants for Teachers” began in 1984 under the guidance and tutelage of the late William “Bill” Bird. The Rotary Club of Glendora has since dedicated this annual project to Bill’s memory. This program is one of the major fund-raising efforts of Glendora Rotarians. This year’s campaign began in October and culminated with the awarding of 37 grants to 50 teachers totaling $13,300.00 to Glendora teachers. This year, Glendora Rotarians solicited funds from our Club, local business people, corporate sponsors, and members of the community. Since the club started “Mini-Grants for Teachers” in 1984 we have been able to raise over $575,000.00 for Glendora teachers.
Recipients of this year’s 37 awards were as follows:

From Charter Oak Unified School District:
Washington Elementary: “My own workbook” by Rima Gennaoui and Stella Urena, “Counting and Adding with Touch Math” by Lauren Morris.

Willow Elementary: “Classroom Rug” by Holly Waters, “OSMO play-based technology” by Monica Hernandez, “All the places we can go with technology” by Kelly Eisenbise & Victoria Ingledune, “EL student plan” by Rana Alrubaie.

From Glendora Unified School District:
Cullen Elementary: “Social Emotional Learning” by Shannon Deukmajian, and “Engaging Readers” by Cindy Halbert.

La Fetra Elementary: “Digital Enhancements for Upper Grade” by Karen Haney and Sarah Bauer, “Making Every Day Fun with Math!” by Patricia Allaf, “Socializing Students Through STEAM” by Kim Kuehfuss and Stacy Ryan, and “Yes, you may stand!” by Ilene Weist.

Sellers Elementary: “Readers are Leaders” by Cindy Dunaway, and “Yoga Mats” by Veronica Dionne.

Sutherland Elementary: “Technology Classroom” by Larissa Ziccardi.

Stanton Elementary: “Sensory Exploration” by Diane Kolby, “Fine Motor Focus” by Colleen Brower, “Weighted Blankets Work” by Christine Wells, “Building a solid Future” by Indu Afandalor, “Putting the FUN in Fundations” by Tiffiny Ramirez, “Hands down- Developing Fine Motor Skills” by Cristina Hernandez, “It’s all about Base 10” by Serena Armijo, Megan Daley and Emily Bergler, “Let’s get crafty!!” by Shanna Burkholder, and “Fine-tune your fine motor” by Beth Gorski.

Goddard Middle School: “Top Typists” by Laura Purington, and “Wellness Room” by Cindy Tamburello, Mariana Gonzalez, Kelly Reed.

Sandburg Middle School: “Kesler Science Curriculum Subscription for SPED” by Kimberly Hagan, “World History Blast From The Past X!!” by Lisann Francisco and Christian Rivas, “Composting in the Classroom” by Rachel Bizzotto, “Breakout!” by Kristy Carrigan, Rich Olivas, Ashley Byers, Tiffany Zeits, and “Wellness Room” by Karina Arias-Easton and Lori Boyer.

Glendora High School: “Scholastic Math, 3-D models, and supplies” by Monique Hart, “Hands-on math” by Ian Merrick, “G.R.E.A.T. Program” by David Romero, “Class Library/Sensory Bins/Life Skills Curriculum” by Faviola Garcia, “Calculator Access” by Shawnee Huss, and “Student desks” by D’Ann Coak.

The Glendora Rotary Club would like to thank all the Charter Oak and Glendora Unified School District administrations for their assistance this year. We also would like to thank all our individual donors and the following corporate sponsors’ Sam’s Club Glendora, Athens Services, Citrus Edge Realty, Crestwood Communities, CWD Mortgage, and the Donut Man for making this year’s program possible.

Thank you to this year’s donors!

John & Connie WatsonArt & Sarah Ludwick
Thom & Sheryl HillWalmart/Sam’s Club
Jim NakanoChristine Smith
Bob VerhoefAthens Services Inc
Henry & Angela GeeCWD Mortgage, Inc.
Citrus Edge Realty Inc.Dottie Hilliard
Craig & Margie HendersonThe Donut Man
Crestwood CommunitiesGary & Kathy Boyer
Jack GordonGene & Robin Morrill
Jane & Dennis BockMaria & James Kypreos
Karrie & Travis BoyerMary Cook
Kathleen GarveyDwight & Pam Richards
Warner InsuranceAntoine Sayegh
Carol & Bill SewardMary Exton
Dennis BeckwithRose L. Wentz
Lisa FrankGerald & Sherry Heinrich

To donate to this year’s fundraiser, please visit the link below or send a check to:

Glendora Rotary Charities
PO Box 776
Glendora, CA 91740

The idea for this annual Rotary project was to provide modest grants to teachers to enhance and improve the teaching process. Among other things, faculty members use these grants to secure classroom materials, link curriculum among varying disciplines, purchase supplementary reference books, and fund educational field trips or special lectures.

Co-chairs of the Mini-Grants for Teachers project, Thom Hill and Joe Cina, are delighted to report that with this year’s donations the total contribution level since inception is now over $500,000! The best part is that over the span of three-plus decades Mini-Grants have assisted hundreds of teachers to provide teaching aids for thousands of students!

The members of the Glendora Rotary Club would be grateful that you, too, “found a need to fill!”

The Program

Mini-Grants for Teachers Program – (October-January) For more than 30 years, the Club has been enhancing the educational experiences of K-12 students in the City of Glendora by sponsoring Mini-Grants for Teachers.  The committee kicks off the program at the first club meeting in October. Teachers (usually three) who earned grants from the previous academic year are invited to explain how their grants made a difference in the classroom. The subsequent grants are juried by club members and school district personnel.  Grants are awarded in January at a location to be determined.

Donate to the 2021/22 Mini Grant Program HERE!